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Mexico of return of chili of hill of 19 thousand tons of article
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A year before, the chili that Mexico exports this nation to city of Yunnan article hill applied examine newly quarantine requirement, be buckled by the chili to hundreds crate graceful Sa Buddhist nun makes an appointment with Mexico haven, disastrous; After a year today, classics Yunnan examines of the concerned branch such as quarantine bureau try hard with all possible means, market of Mexico of return of chili of hill of 19 thousand tons of article.

"Chili has the place that hold the balance in economy of agriculture of article hill city, only 2006, chili of entire administrative division cultivates an area to achieve 520 thousand mus, crop of dry any of several hot spice plants 54.4 million kilograms, production value 540 million yuan. Among them, the chili that has close 1/3 exports the nation such as Mexico " an official says bureau of agriculture of article hill city.

Yunnan examines quarantine bureau says, from September 2005 the portion begins, mexico increases the chili that imports to Yunnan to undertake connecting closing limitative ceaselessly, the requirement wants sampling inspection to the chili of every container, examine time is as long as 25 ~ 30 days, reject chili to connect with a variety of reason close. Rise from January 1, 2006, the chili that imports from Yunnan needs to satisfy include letter, pack, label, enter a country the requirement that port appoints the 8 respects such as ground suffocating and quarantine, if do not accord with these requirements, will execute to Yunnan chili retreat carry or processing of destroy by melting or burning.

It is reported, these trade policy that Mo Fang publishs, the chili that causes Yunnan to count general merchandise ark stays in Mexico graceful Sa Buddhist nun makes an appointment with haven, this not only the charge load during increasing export business chili to stop, and examine not to accord with a requirement to cannot enter this country the market, bring bigger loss to the enterprise.

Go on wheels to ensure Yunnan saves commerce of chili is defeated by Chinese ink, defend Yunnan chili reputation, protect chili interest of farmer of overseas market, protection, examine according to what our country exports chili quarantine sets and Mexico asks to importing the code of chili, yunnan examines quarantine bureau strengthened Yunnan to save exit chili to cultivate base management, control poisonous and harmful material from fountainhead, ensure the quality that exports chili. Mix strictly according to the concerned regulation of our country Mo Fang asks, help enterprise establishs quality government system, register through sanitation (register) assessment, build the multinomial measure such as normative chili processing factory, make chili of Yunnan article hill from 2006 second half of the year returns to normal stage by stage exit. End at present, share 19 thousand tons of chili to examine quarantine exit, value 42 million dollar, and retreat goods or manage compensate without.
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