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Farming 5 division chili of pigment of interplanting of 10 thousand mus of grape
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On July 10, xinjiang production builds corps farming 5 division 89 groups 10 thousand mus red in the Pu garden that carries Nong Jilun peaceful of grape base Pu, ridge in a field of one ridge in a field does interplanting between chili of cultivated grape seedling and pigment of one farmland farmland, orderly and fresh and green, pigment chili has blossommed and bear fruit, evil spirit it is satisfactory.

89 groups are do bright red promote grape grape industry, add a grape newly this year to grow an area more than mus 2000. To make Pu farming sees benefit in those days, this group encourages crop of economy of Pu farming interplanting actively, make up for the inadequacy on economic income. The person such as peaceful of logical sequence of farming auspicious of Pu of the Monggol nationality understands pigment chili in the market after very popular message, signed pigment chili to buy a contract with travelling merchant, seed by travelling merchant paid supply, lowest of every kilograms of dry chili buys valence to be 5 yuan of RMBs.

Peaceful of logical sequence of Pu farming auspicious says, I contract this year cultivated 10 mus red carry a grape, all interplanting pigment chili, mu produce can achieve 400 kilograms, buy price by the contract, mu income is controlled 2000 yuan, the other operating costs such as money of cost of picked cost water, seed returned eliminate to be earned completely 10 thousand multivariate.

Pigment chili can machine production natural pigment chili is red, natural pigment chili is red it is one of natural pigment that approval of government of world each country uses. Its on the safe side, avirulent side-effect. As colorant, also be applied at food industry of industry, daily expense chemical, medical in industry.

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Pu farming grows in the pigment chili that examines interplanting circumstance
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Plant diseases and insect pests of chili of pigment of prevention and cure
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