Chili Kao corrupt is ill
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Disease of chili Kao corrupt also calls umbilical corrupt disease, aborning happens from time to tome. [Field identifying] happen on fructification only. Fructification be murdered is in more flower implement leftover ministry and near its, first when present stain of leach shape, sap green, hind expand quickly, the diameter can amount to 10 ~ 30 millimeter, amount to nearly half fructification sometimes even. Ill ministry is constituent shrinkage, hard, the surface caves. Yellow white comes Brown. Later period ill ministry is invaded because of weak parasitism bacterium catch and grow have black mold, or be affected because of soft corrupt bacterium and cause soft corrupt.
[Hair cause of disease because] moisture is supplied maladjusted it is the main reason that causes Kao corrupt disease. Fructification growth period encounters high temperature, arid, plant to lack water, can make the moisture of supply fructification is captured by blade, cause fructification to a large number of suddenly dehydrating and cause a cell the organization is necrotic. Additional, plant cannot absorb enough calcium from inside soil, also can make physiology of cell of fructification hilum ministry loses ability accusing water to cause Kao corrupt disease mussily. [Point of prevention and cure] ① ground film is enclothed help advance somebody's career, can maintain edaphic moisture to be stabilized relatively, in can reducing soil, drench calcicly break. ① turns over soil greatly, whole smooth, make smooth with a rake fine. Apply manure of sufficient become thoroughly decomposed, avoid to slant apply nitrogenous fertilizer, add the fertilizer that apply phosphor. Water of ③ reasonable fill. Fructification expand period need seasonable, often fill water, avoid edaphic doing to work wet wet with extended drought. Do not want flood flooding, after fill water seasonable intertill loosen the soil. ④ fills in time calcic, after fructification sits, spray calcium superphosphate 100 times fluid, or chloridize is 1000 times calciccer fluid, or calcium nitrate 1000 times fluid.