The happening of epidemic disease of big canopy chili characteristic and technol
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Chili epidemic disease happens in protecting the ground to help advance somebody's career in recent years serious, cultivate the area that give priority to to happen with chili in in successive years especially more, affect chili already badly to produce, it is the problem that is badly in need of solving in chili production at present. For this, we produce a characteristic to reach its to its measure of comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment undertook exploration. One, come on characteristic
Seedling stage of chili epidemic disease, become individual plant period to all can happen, bine, leaf, fruit but catch a disease. Seedling stage comes on, cauline radical ministry shows soft corrupt of shape of sap green leach or abrupt to fall, call seedling stage damping off again. Fructification catch a disease only then Yu Di ministry, spot of shape of sap green leach is born first, change quickly brown soft corrupt, white mildew layer grows when humidity is big, namely stalk of bursa of Bao of bacterium of cause of disease and sporangium, dry hind form fruit of dark Brown deadlocked to stay on the branch. Cauline ministry catch a disease, branch office turns into black Brown or black is the commonnest, among them blame with cauline radical ministry is kill most serious, leach shape is at the beginning of ill spot, appear after surround spot of cuticular and patulous Brown or black vitta, ill ministry hangs apparently shrink, cause ground upside to be folded. Basically become individual plant to kill, plant quickness languish, birthday smooth farmer says for " dead " , it is a kind of annihilative disease, cause even in certain conservatory produce absolutely. 2, come on the rule Cause of disease is mildew of chili epidemic disease, belong to flagellum bacterium inferior door fungus. The bacteria basically is with egg spore, Hou Yuan spore on ill incomplete body or soil, seed live through the winter, among them rate of bacterium of belt of ill incomplete body is top in soil, catch a source to basically be invaded. This disease spreads sexual disease for earth, the bacteria grows development is comfortable lukewarm 30 ℃ , disease of Queen of heaven of overcast and rainy is easy produce popularity, come on cycle is short. Heavy, field catchment is stuck character on not the plot hair of free, easy seeper gets a severe disease; Had watered diligent, water irrigates a quantity to cross big plot to produce disease easily also; In addition, plant field planting is too close, ventilated and pervious to light undesirable, come on heavy. 3, measure of comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment 1. Agriculture prevents and cure. (1) clean and rural: After stubble is harvested before, seasonable cleanness is rural, the area of chili incomplete body that gives Qing Dynasty gives the burn down outside boron or bury greatly. (2) rotate change of crops: With leguminous crop crop rotation, the plot with choice good drainage undertakes cultivation. (3) seminal processing: Choose fight be able to bear or endure ill breed, use high temperature before sow disinfection of frowsty canopy means is antiseptic. (4) reasonable fertilization, control humidity: Ventilated platoon is wet, control fill water, irrigate urine or lie between water all right, reduce the humidity inside canopy, it is beautiful with drip irrigation means especially among them. Still can enclothe with ground film in the ground (black ground film is returned can absorption of heat is added lukewarm) , reduce edaphic moisture to evaporate, reduce the humidity inside canopy. Ridging ridging plough helps advance somebody's career, raise illumination area already, raise ground temperature, can control edaphic humidity again, also can spread moisture absorption of a wheat straw between ridge in a field. Execute recipe fertilization, add the potash fertilizer that apply phosphor, apply nitrogenous fertilizer less, top application is given priority to with compound fertilizer, complementary reach with biology fertilizer humic acid. 2. Chemistry prevents and cure. (1) edaphic processing: Before sowing deep dig soil, every mus are scattered apply spirit of 50% much bacterium but wet sex powder 2 ~ 3kg, or every mus apply pentachloronitrobenzene 1kg. (2) seminal disinfection: 52 ℃ hot water treatment of seeds 30 minutes or 10% comfortable happy when water agent seed soaking 12 hours. (3) come on primary prophylaxis and treatment: After discovering diseased or infected plant, cannot water instantly, develop those who quicken disease otherwise, answer to pull out heavy diseased or infected plant above all, take the processing outside canopy, undertake sparge and fill root are handled again. With 3% grams bacterium health WP500 times, or 25% A rice amounts to 1500 times on the west, or 10% worlds are 1500 times taller, or 72.2% general force overcomes water agent 600 ~ 800 times, or 77% can kill but wet sex powder 400 ~ 500 times, or green breast copper 600 ~ 800 times, fill root or sparge. (4) sootiness law or dusting law prevent and cure: Day of overcast and rainy uses sootiness method as far as possible or dusting law prevents and cure, with agent of clear aerosol of 45% 100 bacterium 250 ~ 300g/ mu, or 1kg/ of agent of dirt of purification of 5% 100 bacterium mu / second, can prevent and cure already disease can reduce the humidity inside canopy again.
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