"5 prevent " control chili premature senility
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Prevent   of plant excessive growth the first batch of chili close after picking, plant is in rest plant phase. Will stand by 8 branch that basilar grows on stalk of 4 big branches to cut right now go reducing nutrient to use up, strengthen fat conduit to manage at the same time, decrease fall beautiful premature drop. Prevent   of the closing between travel to excise plant in time lower Laoxie, withered leaf and ill leaf, with benefit at ventilated and pervious to light and drop in temperature, control plant diseases and insect pests spreads and travel, stimulative plant healthy and strong grows. The breed that prevents fructification to collect   to divide chili to work behindhand or outside picking have seed stock, with Chinese olive have not erubescent when close to be collected aptly period. Be like Chi Cai, use up nutrient already, can bring about plant to decline prematurely again Laohe is withered dead. Seasonable top application wants after preventing the   that be short of fertilizer to collect any of several hot spice plants, every are collected chase after fertilizer. Mu with phosphoric acid 10~15 of 2 hydrogen ammonium kilogram, can apply a few night soil appropriately. When top application must apply chemical fertilizer dissolve at be being irrigated after water, unfavorable dig hole is dry apply, lest the injury reachs a ministry. Prevent season of high temperature of high temperature   to answer fill water, irrigate frequently with urine give priority to, drop edaphic temperature, prevent flood dip fill at the same time, heavy rain should discharge dry seeper in time afterwards.