"He Naisi " the applied effect on treatment tomato, chili and method
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Oil of 90% He Naisi breast are hill of American the first month company product, its active ingredient is second careless amine. My station applies it two years at was being added continuously model two crop have tomato, chili the chemistry below the film inside channel weeds experiment, test result makes clear: Oil of 90% He Naisi breast provide useful dosage little, cost is low, prevent effect the tall, chart that kill grass is wide wait for a characteristic, can serve as replace the first selection herbicide of Er, already popularized in the round in our region now. 1. Employ effect 1.1 weed the effect was used on April 6 bear type hand to use aerosol spray drug, use first gush medicine, hind laminating means, accumulate computation by powder of real in season with dosage. On May 8, with dosage to 667 square metre two kinds of processing undertake 70 milliliter, 100 milliliter investigation. Findings is as follows: Gramineous fireweed individual plant prevents effect to be amounted to respectively 92.4% , 98.4% ; Individual plant of amaranth division fireweed prevents effect to be respectively 95.6% , 97.9% ; Overall individual plant prevents effect to be 80.9% , 87.7% ; Prevent effect to the fireweed such as goosefoot division, knotweed division poorer, individual plant prevention and cure is in 69.7% ~ 58.3% between; The fireweed such as beautiful to sprouting the cropland that come up out of land comes back in those days, wild clove disables basically. Observe in the experiment, he Naisi has specially good effect to grass of field barnyard grass, purslane, amaranth of dish, sunken to ash head, flat Mu affirmation prevents effect, relatively Er is shown with dosage little, cost is low, prevent effect the tall, chart that kill grass is wide wait for an advantage. 1.2 pairs of emergence rate reach the influence of birth character 1.2.1 experiments design He Naisi dosage to be 100 milliliter respectively / 667 square metre, 150 milliliter / 667 square metre. On April 6 gush medicine, velar, sowed on April 8, each processing all repeats 3 times, each village divides treatment tomato, chili not to sow appearance to plant 100. Experiment cent undertakes for two kinds of forms: ① and set an example, production is synchronous, when gush medicine inside gush channel; ② is inside channel, sow to go up all right, ridge in a field carries medicine of comprehensive and even gush on the back. 1.2.2 medicine kill expression to handle means ① to be killed without any medicine happen, handle way; ② bears character to all different level is affected to later period of emergence rate, seedling. Qi Miao hind undertook investigating to the 2nd kind of means on May 7, emergence rate findings is: Treatment tomato emergence rate is respectively contrast 90.2% with 76.0% ; Chili emergence rate is respectively contrast 63.5% with 60.2% . Seedling stage grew on June 3 the findings of fresh heavy target of the quantity is: Delicacy of 100 individual plant is treatment tomato respectively again contrast 80.9% with 74.7% , delicacy of 100 individual plant is chili respectively again contrast 62.6% with 57.5% . Test result explains: He Naisi needs to undertake strictly by use requirement when gush medicine, medical fluid cannot by accident gush arrives sow to go up all right. Sow a surface soil to wear medicine causes medicine to kill namely, influence emergence rate and seedling stage grow, its medicine kills degree and dosage size to become direct ratio. After be being pushed along with time, Miao Ling is grown, medicine is killed show reduce a current. With add photograph of Ding Xing tomato to compare, chili is more sensitive to reaction of drug chroma change. 2. Employ technology Quality of 2.1 gush medicine asks 667 square metre choose to be between 100 milliliter of 70 ~ with dosage, man makes juice not less than 20 kilogram. Gush medicine requirement is even and considerate, do not leak again. Shower nozzle height should be controlled appropriate, too low fireweed of a medicine of the move end channel, banks of a ditch or canal is fascicular, exorbitant gush sows a fallibility to go up all right, cause medicine to kill. 2.2 notes On the dosage that use drug, sandiness soil chooses small amount, the soil with clay and organic qualitative high content chooses high volume; Moisture in the soil has been spent, active of the herbicide when air temperature is high is strong, the effect is good, conversely the effect is poor; The requirement before gush medicine first swim, water falls medicine of the gush after working, next Fu ground film, affect medical effect otherwise. He Naisi's promotion applies, reflected economic benefits adequately tall, dosage actor of little, effect, weed the advantage with low cost, in period of efficacy (60 days) inside, film of can effective control leaves rank grass, be helpful for add lustre to of crop early spring, add lukewarm, send early seedling, Zhuang Miao, achieve increase production result. With employ pesticide photograph of 150 milliliter dosage compares Er, he Naisi 70 ~ 100 milliliter dosage, only 667 square metre reduce pesticide cost to 2.91 ~ 2.16 yuan, can obtain taller economic benefits.
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