Chili scab disease produces reason and its prevention and cure
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Affection of the scab on the chili inside big canopy of base of vegetable of courtyard of farming family of stage state city and pimiento is universal in July 2003 happen, ten breed are different of degree be felt to come on, after partial breed comes on, still cause fall in great quantities beautiful fallen leaves, very serious to crop influence. Show the field diagnostic method this disease, harm characteristic, produce reason and the way to deal with a situation of prevention and cure brief analyse is as follows. 1 field pathology is diagnosed Chili scab disease also calls stain of chili bacterium sex disease, by bacterial infection, cause of disease is Xanthomonas Vesieatoria (Doidge) Dow Son, chili seedling produces silvery white blob on cotyledon of the preexistence after period feeling is ill, submit form of water be soiled then, development caves for dark look after ill spot, serious when blade falls off cause plant death. Become individual plant period to come on main harm lamina, the flyspeck with olive shape of water be soiled is first, expand into intimate circle or irregular form after, the brim is dark Brown a bit apophysis, mid show ecru to cave a bit, cuticular and coarse, form scab shape ill spot, ill spot a long time closes repeatedly each other, the lamina with serious suffer injury its brim, Xie Jian becomes yellow, sere finally fall off. Field the bine that also sees fall victim sometimes, Xie Bing and fruit straighten, an irregular spot is formed on its, phellem is changed after and apophysis, slit submits scab form. Fructification is invaded to catch, bit of dark Brown ridgy or the bleb that are edge of state of the be soiled that carry water are first, gradually expand into circle or the black scab spot that grow a circle, bacterium pus is seen spill over from ill ministry when moisture. 2 harms characteristic and hair cause of disease because 2.1 seeds carry bacterium Bacterium of cause of disease basically is in seminal surface live through the winter, to immediately following in time of year of disease the first time invade catch a source, also can make along with seed of in spite of illness remote pass take the area that do not have disease, from the investigation that chili of base big canopy came on 2003 the circumstance looks, all introduce from the other place for trying ten chili breed, the seed before sowing also without disinfection, fall victim begins after bringing about chili emerge. Because this seed is taken,bacterium should be the chief reason that causes this disease to happen. 2.2 high temperature, tall wet The stoma that can go up from host lamina or cut invade the bacterium pus that bacteria and ministry of diseased or infected plant spill over, splatter through rainwater in field undertake flounder travels, advantageous disease produces high temperature weather, this is this main factor that ill happening. Spring 2003 because last high temperature, average temperature exceeds the day inside canopy commonly 30 ℃ , for fight a drought, several times inside big canopy gush rain irrigates, although alleviated ravages of a drought, but also aggravate the transmission of disease. Lay chief condition wetly high temperature, high, go up objectively to repeat what promoted disease further travel and expand quickly, for this disease final popularity created a condition. 2.3 help advance somebody's career management is bad Had cultivated close, had grown flourishing. Investigate discovery, come on the chili inside big canopy and pimiento breed, cultivate a bit close, because fail seasonable pruning, had grown mostly flourishing, branch numerous Xie Mao, together with is agronomic the effect that manipulates an activity, the frequent contact that causes the lamina between individual plant chafes and cause cut, those who increased disease invade acquire an opportunity, this also is a when bring about progress of later period disease main reason. Countermeasure of 3 prevention and cure Breed of 3.1 choices disease-resistant Choosing disease-resistant breed is disease of scab of chili of prevention and cure most the method with effective economy, the chili that investigated in ill canopy 2003 and pimiento in all 19 breed, difference of ill rate of different breed hair is notable, the any of several hot spice plants in be like 10, kind wait for breed 6 numbers to come on serious, pimiento 02, Chinese any of several hot spice plants pimiento of 1 date, Holand fight a gender stronger. The 3.2 seeds before sowing should do good disinfection Answer from numerous seed from do not have ill cropland or go up without diseased or infected plant anthology stay, ab extra breed must undertake before sow the seed disinfects processing first, with agricultural streptomycin 30min of seed soaking of 1000 times fluid or with 5min of seed soaking of 1% bluestone solution, the vernalization after the bathe after be being taken out is clean sows. 3.3 strengthen the management inside canopy Field planting hind should notice to control nitrogenous fertilizer dosage, seasonable pruning prevents plant to grow excessive, want inside canopy ventilated, fall wet, prevent temperature and humidity exorbitant. 3.4 execute a rotate The big canopy that come on should avoid continuous cropping, had better answer with the host rotate beyond eggplant division crop 1 ~ 2 years. 3.5 strengthen monitor, seasonable gush medicine Should strengthen monitor, come on in plant initial stage is about to spray drug. From 2003 practice of prevention and cure looks, agricultural streptomycin 250mg/L is idealer to this disease effect, lie between 7 days of gush 1 times commonly, connect gush 2 times, can control disease popularity basically.
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