Chili " 3 fall " measure of ill prevention and cure
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One, reasonable fertilization, water the plot with choose fat water condition good, use deep trench Gao Qi to cultivate. Phlogistic summer high temperature is arid, face of sunshine insolate ridge in a field, root ministry suffers high temperature harm easily to produce virus disease; High temperature is rainy easy happening anthrax is ill, make chili a large number of fallen leaves, fall flower, premature drop, want to use water fertilizer opportunely on management so, accomplish drop in temperature with water prevent virus disease, attack with fertilizer keep high production if really. Should insist to irrigate, accuse, the platoon is united in wedlock, dry hot weather wants urine to be irrigated frequently, irrigate half channel water every time, hold the ground wet, accomplish drop in temperature with water, control virus disease; Should irrigate after rainfall drop in temperature water, drop ground temperature, lest hurt a root, cause " 3 fall " ; Heavy rain wants channel of seasonable Qing Dynasty afterwards, catchment, avoid be soiled water, protective root system does not suffer water to wide, avoid the ground waterlogged cause anthrax disease. 2, grow early days, want to control nitrogenous fertilizer, if base fertilizer is sufficient,prevent excessive growth, seedling stage top application is early, collect close period even seasonable top application, can reduce chili " 3 fall " ill. Top application wants to be given priority to with nitrogenous fertilizer, cooperate phosphorous potash fertilizer. General expand period chases after an any of several hot spice plants urge fruit fertilizer; The 2nd fruit is collected Cheng Guo fertilizer is chased after after closing. Every time 667 square metre chase after nitrogenous fertilizer 15 kilogram, phosphate fertilizer 15 kilogram, cooperate potash fertilizer 5 kilogram left and right sides. 3, intertill earth up combines intertill, undertake proper earth up, prevent lodging. 4, ① excises plant diseases and insect pests of seasonable prevention and cure fall victim fructification and lamina, center processing. ② uses black light lamp and green worm of smoke of sweet-and-sour fluid trap and kill. ③ uses medicine to enter the gush before fruit to apply in eat by moth of smoke green bug. 10 days of every or so gush after ④ field planting medicine, eliminate aphid, in case aphid sends poison, cause virus disease. ⑤ with squaring period begins in season the 500 times ferry that hold cloth in the palm, connect anthrax of gush 3-4 second prevention and cure, before virus disease happens, gush 0.1% potassium permanganate or the phosphoric acid of 0.3% 2 hydrogen Potassium, have effect of fair prophylaxis and treatment. Disease of ⑥ bacterium sex, usable and agricultural streptomycin 20 grams, to water 75 kilogram undertake sparge prevents and cure.