How does chili breed Zhuang Miao
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Current, chili grow seedlings already entered preparative phase, strengthen the seedbed management of chili, breed Zhuang Miao high grade to chili, high yield is having very main effect. In Yo seedling stage basically should have caught segment of the following technologies:
1, the choice is thoroughbred. Choose produce high yield, firmly, disease-resistant, high grade breed. 2, essence of life does seedbed. Choose unripe crop land, make it is 10 meters long, wide the 1.2 low farmland of rice, break up greatly, air is basked in, ripe change soil, apply dung of earth of become thoroughly decomposed 200 kilograms, 1.5 kilograms of compound fertilizer make sure nutrient is supplied, insect-resistant, much bacterium spirit prevents disease 0.1 kilograms. 3, control bed is lukewarm. The bed is lukewarm by day before true Xie Wei goes out control is in 15-20 ℃ , nightly 5-10 ℃ . After taking seriously Xie Lou to go out, control is in by day 20-25 ℃ , nightly 10-15 ℃ . 4, strengthen illumination. Reflect sun to make seedbed much, lift late lid early as far as possible to covering, extend illumination time. When uncovering film, should prevent air cooling direct inbreathe seedbed, cause seedling suffer injury. 5, adjust humidity. Humidity is usable water ventilated will adjust, bed earth humidity is high, but ventilated fall wet with grey moisture absorption of Sa Cao wood. Bed earth humidity is low, can water appropriately. Water capacity control is in a water, time is in in the morning 9 when previously, afternoon after 5 o'clock. 6, intertill thin out seedlings. Boardcast sowing seedbed, in 2-3 piece young plant of true leaf time, 5-6 piece the final singling when true leaf, general thin out seedlings divides 2-3 second undertake. 5-6 piece true Xie Shi, be apart from 2-3 li to collect final singling; to delimit seedbed of case order programme is in by the seedling 3-4 piece true Xie Shi pulls out redundant young plant, every case takes individual plant of hale seedling 2-3. 7, timely refine seedling. Hot seedling leaf achieves 10 a short while to begin refine young plant, be in by day first farmland child both ends uncovers film ventilated, ventilation is increased stage by stage after, make the temperature of refine seedling is reduced stage by stage. 2 weeks are in before field planting, hot seedling leaf achieves 13-14 piece Xie Shibai day opens film entirely, prevent frost in the evening, will still on velar lid. Should open film before field planting one week day and night no matter have refine young plant, make seedling gets used to the environment that shows the ground.