Management of chili seedling stage and plant diseases and insect pests prevent a
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2, insect pest prevents and cure: Cutworm (the larva of a noctuid, cutworm, black the larva of a noctuid, black cutworm) warmth of cutworm happy event and damp environment, cropland of early spring dish and fireweed of week predestined relationship are much, can offer lay eggs place; Nectar source plant is much, can form bigger bug source, to kill serious. Method of prevention and cure:

(1) early spring is eliminated field all around fireweed, reduce cutworm to lay eggs place, kill insect egg and larva broods first.

(2) scanty channel maintains water, reduce edaphic humidity, go against cutworm larva to live. Catch artificially kill.

(3) everyday early morning Cha Miao, after discovery breaks a seedling, strip off surface soil catchs bug to kill, undertake 5 ~ 6 days continuously.

(4) trap and kill prevents and cure: With candy 6 portion, vinegar 3 portion, liquor 1 portion, water 10 portion, 90% dipterex 1 smooth, or add right amount pesticide with pickle water, happen in imago period setting, all have effect of trap and kill usable also and certain ferment acidify food, wait like sweet potato, sodden fruit add right amount drug, imago of trap and kill. With wet paulownia leaf, ground of every hectare any of several hot spice plants places 1050 ~ equably 1350 leaves lead market, the next day early morning collects bug mouth to undertake exterminating below paulownia leaf, the grey food that also can eat with cutworm happy event, thorn the fireweed such as dish, bitter pod dish, small flower coming back, clove, Ai Hao piles up the cutworm that lead market is larval.

(5) drug prevents and cure: Cutworm 1 ~ 3 age larval resistance to the action of a drug is poor, and expose go up in host plant or ground, be drug prophylaxis and treatment is comfortable period. Can choose kill special, much bug quickly to be protected completely, high, all is killed wait for pesticide to undertake preventing and cure, employ chroma and method consult please product package mount explains.

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