Management of chili seedling stage and plant diseases and insect pests prevent a
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One, intertill thin out seedlings. During chili seedling, should notice loosen the soil, make the surface layer of bed earth loose, prevent to harden, reduce moisture to evaporate, maintain bed earth temperature. Commonly used bamboo signs a surface soil between the seedling to prize loosens or wait with Tie Ding, galvanized wire when loosen the soil other small make a surface soil between the seedling smooth with a rake to catch a pine. Loosen the soil cannot pass deep, avoid to injure root system, produce disease to prevent seedling stage, form tall foot seedling, combine intertill to answer tear off fireweed (fireweed of the grass family of ground of chili of prevention and cure can use Ke Cao of essence of life can water of 20 grams add 15 kilograms of sparge) , had deleted close young plant. 2, proper top application. Chili seedbed should be given priority to with base manure, control top application. Be in only bed ground is not quite fertile, seedling appears when the symptom that be short of fertilizer, should seasonable top application. Top application should be chosen in sunshine calm undertake when 10-12 in the morning, give priority to with organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. Be like make water of dung of cultivate of choose and employ persons, must sufficient become thoroughly decomposed, and filter broken bits, chroma with 10~12 times water dilute is better; Compound fertilizer is usable contain nitrogen, phosphor, potassium each 10% special and compound fertilizer of the left and right sides are made up, gush applies chroma for 0.1% , chroma of avoid by all means is exorbitant, burn a seedling easily otherwise.

3, timely refine seedling. Before field planting a week undertakes seedling takes exercise. Day of the 5~7 before field planting wants to open plastic film day and night no matter, make seedling gets used to the zoology environment that shows the ground. But of temperature reduce should strengthen stage by stage, cannot reduce suddenly overmuch. Be like seedling occurrence excessive growth or had grown fast, external temperature tall when, can pass accuse water appropriately, prevent seedling to cross flourishing to grow. Because this is before field planting,2 Zhou Yingjia big ventilation are mixed extend ventilated time, open entirely by day even, just prevent frost in the evening, will still on plastic film lid.

4, plant diseases and insect pests prevents and cure. To having a seed ground of processing, seedbed did not undertake quality of edaphic disinfection, soil preparation is differred, sow density big seedbed ground, plant diseases and insect pests of prevention and cure should notice before transplant.

1, seedling stage disease prevents and cure: Damping off: Precaution can be chosen establish withered spirit one packet (25 grams) add water 20 kilograms of sparge, if seedbed already discovered a few sick young animal, in pull out after sick young animal, the 10~15 such as the optional Yi Ke that use disease overcomes add water 15 kilograms of sparge; 75% 100 bacterium are clear but wet sex powder 1000 times diluent, the 64% vitriol that reduce toxin but wet sex powder 500 times diluent; 72.2% general force overcomes water agent 600 times diluent; Lie between 7 ~ 10 days to spray 1 times, prevent and cure 1 ~ 2. Establish withered disease: ① strengthens seedbed management, notice reasonable be on the lookout, prevent seedbed high temperature tall wet condition appears. ② seedling stage sprays 0.1~0.2% phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen Potassium, enhance disease-resistant power. ③ comes on the earlier and optional Yi Ke that use disease or rich cure 733 wait for 10~15 to overcome add water 15 kilograms of sparge; Agent of clever in suspension of bacterium of 36% methylic sulfur 100 bacterium of;75% of 500 times diluent are 1000 times clearer fluid; Like damping off, establish withered disease to erupt simultaneously, can overcome water agent with 72.2% general force gush of 800 times fluid drenchs, inspect a patient's condition 7 - 10 days of gush 1, successive prevention and cure 2 - 3.
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