The technics of chili field planting
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(one) choose chili of   of the ground, soil preparation to help advance somebody's career should choose layer of relief tall dry, earth deep, irrigation and drainage is earthy and good, loose fecund sandiness loam. Avoid by all means and continuous cropping of eggplant division crop, had better use water drought rotate. The ground that plants hot pepper is best winter deep ploughing, agrarian successor its insolation, with the structure of improved soil, eliminate source of partial ill bug, reduce the harm of plant diseases and insect pests. The union before field planting applies base fertilizer, next soil preparation bedding. When soil compares Gan Shuang square but soil preparation bedding, soil preparation of wet earth of avoid by all means, lest soil hardens,become piece. Acidity soil, employ lime can be united in wedlock when soil preparation, general mu apply 100 kilogram left and right sides. Chili helps advance somebody's career to be used commonly deep trench, Gao Qi, narrow farmland, in order to facilitate catchment irrigates. Press north and south to ditch, channel is apart from it is 80 ~ commonly 100 centimeters. After opening good channel, in shallow channel opens among farmland, apply base fertilizer, wait for field planting. Base manure is given priority to with farmhouse fertilizer, the caboodle make compost such as wool of cultivate of dung of usable barnyard manure, night soil, chicken, birds. Farmhouse of every mus of general use is fat 4000 kilogram left and right sides, calcium superphosphate 50 kilogram, potassium sulfate 15 kilogram. After fertilization ends, had enclothed with earth, prevent fertilizer to volatilize loss.
(2) field planting of chili of field planting   is general every farmland grows 2, row spacing 33 ~ 45 centimeters, spacing in the rows 30, 45 centimeters. In the meantime, answer to cultivate a habit according to place, use only individual plant or twin individual plant to cultivate. Different breed cultivates density to differ somewhat, general every mus cultivate 3500 ~ 5000 individual plant, early, medium ripe breed its individual plant, individual plant small, field planting density can be increased appropriately, late-mature breed individual plant bigger, individual plant big, field planting density should narrow appropriately. When 10 centimeters of temperature in stabilize general soil to be controlled for 15 ℃ , can field planting. Below the premise that won't suffer freeze injury, answer to grab early field planting appropriately. Field planting appropriate undertakes afternoon in sunshine, calm, field planting of wet of avoid by all means. The seedling rises to want to hurt earth of root, much belt less as far as possible in transplanting process, take put down gently gently. Cultivated deepness is sent with deepness of seedling former be buried. Of nutrient cup grow seedlings, its contrary to reason or one's expectation comes over, on cup bottom face, take dozen of cup heart gently, seedling Tuo can fall naturally. Grow seedlings dish of grow seedlings, usable hand holds close seedling cauline radical ministry, can take emerge Tuo. With spud excavate or acupuncture point of field planting of the excavate that use a hand, put seedling Tuo in acupuncture point, seal with earth severe. Field planting hind irrigates the water that decide a root instantly, water quantity wants sufficient, make soil sufficient and wet. Inside a week after field planting of summer, autumn, had better wait for sunshine of part of other covering keep out with sunshade net or straw midday, prevent to bask in seedling, can reduce the happening of virus disease.
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