The happening of chili epidemic disease and prevention and cure
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Epidemic disease is in recent years disease of severe with each passing day a kind of chili, endanger root, bine, leaf and fructification, serious when can cause chili to rectify individual plant to become a death. In recent years dew ground helps advance somebody's career chili area year after year expands, epidemic disease of chili of urgent need understanding mixes farming of any of several hot spice plants master technology of right prevention and cure. One, come on regular epidemic disease is in chili is whole bear period all can come on, hang fruit hind with chili the easiest fall victim. Field dew ground helps advance somebody's career temperature 25-30 ℃ , relative humidity is when 85% above, epidemic disease happening is heavier, especially fair of the weather after heavy rain passes, air temperature rises quickly, epidemic disease happening is heavier and grow like a weed. 2, ecru appears at the beginning of catch a disease of taproot of hair disease state wet shape spot piece, blacken gradually Brown wet corrupt shape, can cause death of wilting of leaf of bine of the upside that send the ground. Cauline catch a disease is in more close ground or crotch, appear first the spot of form of adventitious of sap green, wet shape piece, turn into after black Brown to black ill spot. Ill ministry often caves or hang shrink, cause on wither of upright branches and leaves. Blade catch a disease appears corrupt the ill spot with Brown not clear edge, ill leaf is very fast wet corrupt falls off. Fructification catch a disease begins from ministry of the base of a fruit more, appear be like hot water scald shape, dark green to corrupt Brown, brim is unidentified the ill spot that show, can make local or whole fructification cankered, fruit of black Brown deadlocked is become to be able to remain to go up in branch after dehydrating gradually. The ill spot of place of afore-mentioned each catch a disease is when weather is damp, the surface can grow a thin white mildew layer, this is the Bao bursa stalk of the bacteria and sporangium. Epidemic disease shows apparent center in chili cropland diseased or infected plant and come on center, come on the center is formed more in low-lying seeper and soil sticky important place is taken. Look of leaf of upside of fall victim plant is close, bottom fade is green, blade by below up wilting, till die,take off a leaf. Form of water be soiled is submitted at the beginning of spot of the disease on the leaf, expand after intimate circle or spot of irregular form a serious illness, ill leaf sap green, easy withered shrink fall off. Fructification comes on in ministry of the base of a fruit more, shape of be soiled of ill spot water is patulous form, develop to fruit face and fruit handle, ill fruit shows celadon, hind hoar soft corrupt, have bottle green sometimes homocentric round of grain. Ill fruit but drying shrinkage and do not fall off, damp weather disease can produce layer of mildew of few and far between white if really. 3, the prevention and cure of epidemic disease of chili of measure of prevention and cure should be acted on use drug " on the fill below gush " principle, emphasize protecting action with medicine, control central ill area, prevent the rapid popularity of epidemic disease. Season of much Feng Yu of epidemic disease popularity, the beard after applying medicine to receive rain fills apply. Monsoon must adopt strong step to eliminate seeper, absolutely cannot treat sth lightly. Drug prevents and cure: Come on initial stage chooses gush instantly following drug: (1) Er of 58% Lei Duo rice (zinc of manganese of lucky poisonous mildew) but wet sex powder 600 ~ ; of 800 times fluid (2) the 64% vitriol that reduce toxin can wet sex powder; of 500 times fluid (3) 30% oxygen chloridize. Afore-mentioned drug appropriate are used alternately, lie between 7 ~ 8 days gush one, successive gush 3 ~ 4.
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