Chili " bound feet acute communicable diseases " prevent and cure
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Chili " bound feet acute communicable diseases " , cry again " card neck " , it is seedling stage main disease, happen in bed of early spring grow seedlings or grow seedlings more dish on, answer to discover in time, prevent and cure as early as possible. Many star produces initial stage, later to all around patulous, a few can cause in the day piece pour a seedling. One, hair disease state. The expression before seedling comes up out of land is planted to rot, sodden bud. Ill spot of shape of be soiled of occurrence water of ministry of Miao Ji of the disease after coming up out of land, become cinnamon after, then circles a bine to expand, hang shrink attenuate is shown linear, fold death finally, blade still maintains green commonly, its are reached in surface of sick young animal when moisture around soil produces a few batt record white mildew. 2, come on the rule. Invade by mould of corrupt of melon and fruit catch cause disease, the transmission such as the seed that lends rainwater, irrigation water, belt bacterium, organic fertilizer, farm tool. If encounter long-term overcast and rainy, seedbed low temperature (15 ℃ are the following) tall wet, seedling grows slow, low-lying, soil sticks relief heavy plot is easy cause this disease. After 3 true leaves, come on less. 3, method of prevention and cure 1. Seedbed disinfection. Choice relief is higher, carry wind direction this world on the back, catchment is convenient, the plot that does not have cause of disease builds seedbed. Had better use do not have ill new ground or undertake soil is disinfected. Had better make up in hot summer days ahead of schedule, via piling soak and disinfection of burning sun insolate for long. Edaphic drug is disinfected, can be in before sowing 3 weeks, 2 ~ irrigate the formalin that every square metre uses 100 times liquid 4 kilograms seedbed, the film that use the land covers a week, uncover film to breathe freely again 2 week hind sow. Also can use 72% Ke Shuang cyanogen but wet sex powder or zinc of the 69% manganese that install a gram but wet sex powder 1 ~ mixes 1.5 kilograms 40 ~ of fine earth 50 kilograms, 2/3 medicine earth is scattered on seedbed equably, 1/3 lid is planted. 2. Seminal processing. With 70% pentachloronitrobenzenes, 50% grams bacterium red or 40% seed dressing double the 0.3% ~ that press seminal weight the dosage seed dressing of 0.4% . 3. Strengthen management. Proper rare sow, reach time young plant. As far as possible little water, discover sick young animal pulls out in time, if encounter overcast and rainy, bed earth is too wet, one layer can be scattered to do fine earth or plant ash in seedbed. Strengthen seedbed ventilated, midday around uncovers whole deck in fine fine day. Cold weather has been made defend work of cold heat preservation. 4. Drug prevents and cure. When occurrence minority sick young animal, instantly gush the 64% vitriol that reduce toxin but wet sex powder 600 times fluid, 75% 100 bacterium are clear but wet sex powder 1000 times fluid, zinc of the 69% manganese that install a gram but wet sex powder 800 times fluid, can scatter dry fine earth to reduce humidity equably subsequently. When seedbed humidity is big, unfavorable again gush liquid medicine, and with methylic the powder such as the ferry that hold cloth in the palm or armour frost spirit mixes plant ash or Sa Yumiao of dry fine earth on the bed.
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