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In recent years, chili of conservatory of sunlight of the Gansu Province turns over season to help advance somebody's career area year after year expands. As production specialization, old continuous cropping, heavy stubble is serious, earth passes accentuation of disease year after year, especially epidemic disease, root rot, once popular, can cause bedding face to accumulate dead fry, with medication the effect is very small, to chili production constituted serious menace. Grafting technology serves as a when overcome obstacle of continuous cropping of solar conservatory chili significant step, already was in Gansu Province silver, Wu Wei, always undertook experimenting demonstrative inside conservatory of sunlight of prosperous and other places, popularize application for large on production area, cultivate chili engraft now the technology is summed up as follows. 1 breed chooses
1.1 stock choose There is carry out on market at present have No.1 (have Bao Yi) , No.2 (without Bao Yi) , 1069, 2014 wait for stock, it is field of gold of silver of the Gansu Province is planted course of study the feral chili variety that limited company introduces from South America, fight earth high to spread disease, high temperature resistant tall wet. 1.2 scion choose According to local consumption the habit chooses high grade, high yield, disease-resistant, fight go against a gender strong, adaptability the chili variety with nice sex of wide, commodity, the any of several hot spice plants that be like Gansu any of several hot spice plants of 2 date, Gansu any of several hot spice plants of 3 date, Gansu any of several hot spice plants of 5 date, Gansu wait 6 numbers. 2 engraft grow seedlings 2.1 sow period Stubble of live through the winter of solar conservatory chili helps advance somebody's career to be in commonly the last ten-day of a month came in August the first ten days of a month began to sow grow seedlings in September, appropriate temperature is air temperature 30 ℃ of 25 ~ , ground temperature 20 ℃ of 15 ~ , stock sows period should compare scion early 5 days or so, stock and scion must use nutrient cup grow seedlings. 2.2 engraft method Use break off receive a standard. Grow 5 ~ when stock seedling 7 true Xie Shi, begin grafting namely. 3 Xie Qie drop the 2 ~ that end gets on stock seedling when grafting, withhold 2 ~ 3 true leaves, be in with grafting knife cauline top from top to bottom is perpendicular one knife, blade grows 0.8 ~ 1cm; Scion chooses to grow 5 ~ 7cm, grow moderate of the accident between hale, section, not the chili seedling with excessive growth, contented organization, cut off the great part of a historical period above and bud, withhold 2 ~ 3 true leaves, get rid of in half lignification place the lower end, cut cut part wedge, wedge face grows the cut size with stock equal, insert scion the cut of stock next, make stock and scion cut right neat close together union, with circular engraft clip is secured. Manage after 2.3 engraft Grafting hind irrigates seedbed enough water, build canopy of small push without using one's hands to assume airtight position, 6 ~ are illogical inside 7 days wind, maintain the humidity of 95% above, temperature by day 26 ℃ of 20 ~ , nightly 20 ℃ of 16 ~ , prevent high temperature. The film in canopy of small push without using one's hands is outer enclothe 4 ~ 6 sunshade net, the 4 ~ after grafting 5 days, all shading, with second half shading, the heal as cut gradually sunshade net an one layer take out, and gradually ventilated, by small arrive big. Ventilated during still should maintain the higher humidity between farmland, the ground often should water, normal management turns after surviving completely, destroy the lateral bud of stock bud in time, and take out engraft is placed. After grafting the 15th day can field planting. 3 field planting Prepare before 3.1 field planting Body of damage of the stump sodden leaf of crop of the crop before keeping clear of in time, ill insect, sowing or before field planting, to canopy is being buckled after soil breaks up greatly, use solar energy to disinfect 7 days to edaphic high temperature. The roofing before intake of conservatory big canopy is reached is apart from ground 1m limits to use insect-resistant the net is sealed, prevent pest ingoing. Rooms of 667 square metre canopy use sulfureous noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch 0.25kg of 2 ~ 3kg, DDVP mixes on sawdust cent caboodle is ignited, next airtight suffocating one day and night, be on the lookout, use when insipidity. Use farm tool is put into conservatory completely, collective disinfection. The soil preparation before field planting applies base fertilizer, 667 square metre apply fertilizer of farmhouse of high grade become thoroughly decomposed fat 100kg of bacterium of biology of bacterium of 6000 ~ 10000kg, compound fat 20kg, ferment, potassium sulfate 15 ~ 20kg, break up greatly fine rake, make fertilizer and soil mix adequately. Press bedding of ridging ridging plough of 40cm of 80cm of big row spacing, small row spacing, farmland is tall 20 ~ 25cm. 3.2 field planting Choose sunshine to undertake in the morning, the acupuncture point of double travel field planting with 5 ~ deep 6cm drives on preexistence wide rectangular pieces of land in a field, spacing in the rows 40 ~ 45cm, put seedling Tuo field planting acupuncture point, every acupuncture point 2 individual plant, water again, the 2nd day seals acupuncture point to earth up ridge in a field. Enough water is irrigated inside the canaliculus after sealing acupuncture point, 4 ~ laminating of 5 Queen of heaven. Field planting of 667 square metre 6000 individual plant of 5000 ~ . Manage after 3.3 field planting Temperature is seedling stage of delay of ① temperature management by day 27 ℃ of 24 ~ , nightly 17 ℃ of 12 ~ ; Temperature is Zhuang Yang period by day 20 ~ 25 ℃ , the first half of the night 17 ℃ of 14 ~ , second half night 13 ~ 14 ℃ ; Blossom and bear fruit earlier by day 28 ℃ of 24 ~ , nightly 18 ℃ of 13 ~ ; Result period by day 28 ℃ of 25 ~ , nightly 18 ℃ of 12 ~ ; Deep winter festival executes 3 paragraphs to become lukewarm to manage: In the morning 28 ℃ of 25 ~ , afternoon 20 ℃ of 25 ~ , nightly 18 ℃ of 12 ~ , arrive when canopy temperature rise when 28 ℃ , begin to put against the wind, room temperature falls afternoon to shut when 20 ℃ ventilated, night is lukewarm under 10 ℃ when, should multilayer enclothe heat preservation; Immediately following in time seasonal chili fills year of Chun Xia the 2nd times as a result period, by day 28 ℃ of 25 ~ , nightly 20 ℃ of 13 ~ , when indoor night lukewarm when 15 ℃ above, remove careless sign. ② water fertilizer manages the 3 ~ after field planting 4 days to drive water of seedling of delay of big furrow irrigation, later no longer fill water, undertake restrain the growth of seedlings. A week before blossomming, gush tall beauty is applied or 0.2% phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen Potassium 1 ~ 2. After door any of several hot spice plants sits, begin to water, union waters every 667 square metre are chased after use urea and phosphoric acid the recipe of 2 ammonium is fat 25 ~ 30kg, the recipe compares 1 ∶ 1.5. Undertake watering with backsight soil soil moisture content, the principle is to see dry see wet, urine is irrigated frequently. Irrigate water 2 times, chase after fertilizer 1 times, union waters every 667 square metre chase after Shi Sanyuan compound fat 30kg. The 0.5h before uncovering sign everyday begins employ carbon dioxide, make chroma of the carbon dioxide inside conservatory achieves stere of 800 ~ 1000ml/ , increase production effect is distinct. ③ humidity management grows relative humidity of early days air is maintained in 60% ~ 65% , the later period in growing is maintained in 45% ~ 55% . ④ illumination manages the 3 ~ after field planting 4 days, proper hide from view shade, seedling not wilting not block shade. Each phase wants after often clean canopy film, assure pervious to light and good, careless below the condition that temperature allows shade lifts late lid early as far as possible, also should uncover sign in cloudy day and pluvial snow day 3 ~ 5h, want seasonable pruning at the same time, excise old, ill leaf, assure individual plant pervious to light and good. Before ⑤ plant adjusts door any of several hot spice plants to blossom, 2 north and south are had in upper part of field planting acupuncture point to iron wire. Iron wire height is 1.5 ~ 1.8m commonly. Fasten at two bough with cord one aspect of the matter the 3rd ~ 4 ramose point point, another end is fastened to 2 or so iron wire. Tractive angle wants to inspect plant the way corp is growing and be decided, when plant flourishing, can loosen some, bough growing point outward side bends a little, cause the branch with unripe weak the way corp is growing because of the result, usable rope is being twined mention, in order to aid the way corp is growing. In the axillary bud that each Xie Jian produces under door any of several hot spice plants, want seasonable efface, if branch of axillary bud bud, can pick its heart processing. Want to be excised in time to a few old leaves, ill leaf. Chili avoid branch overlaps, branch of jam of early days annihilate, in case erect grow, a large number of branch that early spring gives out, cause in-house jam, should scanty cut weak branch, excessive growth branch, improvement is ventilated and pervious to light condition. 4 collect close Door any of several hot spice plants should close early appropriately, drop in case fry, fructification should grow utmost, pulp is added thick harden, when fruit color becomes deep, collect close. Chili branch is very fragile, collect when closing, should notice to prevent to break off branch. Appears because of misgovern deadlocked fruit, pointed fruit, the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn should be collected in time close. 5 plant diseases and insect pests prevent and cure Chili disease basically has virus disease, epidemic disease, powdery mildew, gray mold to wait, insect pest basically has yellow mite of cootie of aphid, whitening, tea to wait. During ① virus disease is growing, gush applies 2 ~ 3 times virus of virus spirit prevention and cure is ill, notice cootie of aphid of prevention and cure, whitening, those who prevent virus disease is patulous. 25% luck poisonous mildew or armour frost spirit are used before field planting of ② epidemic disease 800 times fluid, 5 ~ 7 days of fill 1 roots, zinc of era dark manganese is used after field planting protection of sparge of 600 times fluid. Come on initial stage uses the 64% vitriol that reduce toxin 400 times fluid or Qing Dynasty of 75% 100 bacterium but 600 times fluid lies between wet sex powder 6 ~ 7 days 1, combine fill root, 0.5kg of fluid of medicine of fill of every acupuncture point. ③ powdery mildew comes on initial stage is used 70% methylic the ferry that hold cloth in the palm but wet sex powder 1000 times fluid or 40% much sulfur hang emulsion 500 times fluid undertakes 400 ~ sparge prevents and cure, 7 ~ 10 days 1, successive 2 ~ 3. ④ gray mold comes on initial stage uses 50% Su Keling powder 1500 times fluid or 50% attack the sea because but wet sex powder sparge of 1500 times fluid, every other 5 ~ 7 days of gush 1, successive 3 ~ 4. Cootie of ⑤ aphid, whitening uses 2000 ~ of Lin of 10% Bi bug 3000 times fluid or gram of 2.5% heart power but wet sex powder sparge of 1000 times fluid prevents and cure. ⑥ tea yellow mite uses 73% grams mite is 1000 times more special fluid or 10% sweep mite clean but wet sex powder sparge of 1500 times fluid prevents and cure.
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