Be careful chili day bright is ill
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As air temperature elevatory, chili sends birthday bright disease easily. Its model symptom is in chili fructification a flank appears cankered, humidity brings about a bacterium to affect constantly greatly and appear whole fructification is cankered, the fructification that produces day bright disease basically is small-sized fruit, medium-sized fruit. Chili of hair ill reason is cultivated too rare or misgovern, make the fructification of chili is exposed fall in sunshine, cause fructification local overheat, or although fructification is concealed below blade,be, but as a result of scattering Guang Juguang arrives fructification, cause fructification local overheat, and hair birthday bright is ill; A large number of dew appear on morning gains, after sun illuminate, dew gets together smooth absorption of heat, send fructification burnable; Burning hot midday or edaphic moisture is insufficient afternoon, after rain suddenly the fine can cause day bright disease. Method of prevention and cure uses sunshade net to enclothe, avoid sun's rays point-blank fructification; Right amount irrigate compensatory soil moisture; As soon as possible excises ill fruit, prevent bacteria infection; The microelement such as seasonable complement calcium, magnesian, boracic, zinc, molybdenum and spray one date, love receives the bumper harvest more, the cloud is great 120 leavening dough waiting for a leaf, raise plant to fight a gender integratedly.