Increase production of chili clip hurried
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Experiment according to the author, execute reasonable clip to chili plant, but increase production 15% ~ 20% , it is the increase production measure of an effective. Because,this is: Every plant hot pepper has 4 big branches commonly, after entering the summer, on 4 big branches enlarge gives birth to 8 side branch, branch numerous Xie Mao, close not leak, bring about a result little and small, and drop fruit sodden fruit easily, still can cause all sorts of disease, accordingly, should cut off branch of these 8 side. Its technology point is as follows: 1. Lop time. Lop in order to be in season of summertime high temperature is advisable, be in commonly the last ten-day of a month undertook to the middle ten days of a month on August in July. Right now fructification of the first stubble already was picked, plant is below the case with not big difference in temperature of day and night handle Yu Xiezhi level, the increase production effect of the lop is so best. 2. Lop place. Logical lop place is in 4 big branches are topmost, cut off 8 side branch in time. 3. Lop method. With lop of sharper pruning shears knife, cut a mouth to want smooth, cut a mouth to bring about in case insect pest or cause disease, not usable hand folds a branch directly, lest cause plant loss. When the lop, conveniently is cut go to what ill bug endangers the flagging branch with overmuch result of serious branch, early days, misgovern breaking off the branch. Cut the branch below to should take the processing outside garden centrally, especially ill bug branch cannot stay inside garden.

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